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Arms and hooks


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Transporters for

Feeding mixtures

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We are a producer of transporters for feed mixtures tilting ones or flat truck.

Tilting types Flat trucks

Flat and Tilting bodies

We are a producer of flat trucks and tilting bodies for loose goods .

Flat types Tilting types

Frames and grabs

Special quick-clamping exchangeable frame for qucik exchange.

Exchangeable frame Hydraulic grabs

Hook and Arm
of Containers

We are a producer of arm and hook containers loaders for any brand

Hook container loaders Arm container loaders

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Production of
for any vehicle

Main activity of our comapny is production of any type of the extension on any car brand.

Since 1950 we are here to produce for our costumers the best extensions loaders that you can get.Our main focus is to produce and supply our costumers with the most quality and reliable product, which is construct exactly how he needs and in the way he wants. With a lot of years of experience and professional attitude we are producing extansions for any type of car and brand. We are producing loaders on standard sizes, but for a long time we are also producing in different dimensions for our costumers. Please contact us with any kind of questione.


Phone: +420 573 340 324
Mobile: +420 602 523 495

Bílanská 2595
767 01 Kroměříž,
Česká Republika