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Granted warranty for Flat trucks and tilting bodies CS.SK

  • Hydraulic parts:

    12 months for hydraulic parts.
  • Support elements:

    24 months for supporting design elements.
  • Repair service:

    Warranty and after-warranty service - within 24 hours.
  • Range Class:

    Flat trucks and tilting bodies CS.SK are solved as chassis superstructures of lorries and they satisfy the highest possible requirements and demands put on the lifting device type in their class and type. They are delivered in these production ranges:

Flat trucks and tilting bodies

They enable transport and unloading of loose materials. When loading and unloading are provided by other means, they are able to allow transport and unloading of materials and loads which cannot be poured out.

Side plates:

The tilting side plates are welded from bent profiles and profile tubes and they are mounted on the platform frame in the revolving way. Springs are included in the side plates and these springs eliminate the side plate weight at tilting and they help at their lifting.

Fixed front part o:

The fixed front part is welded from bent profiles and profile tubes, it exceeds by its height over the side plates and it is welded to the platform in the fixed way.

Tilting back:

The tilting back part is welded from bent profiles and profile tubes and it is mounted on the side plates or on fixed columns or on removable columns in the revolving way. The back part is locked against its spontaneous opening by locking hooks, which are operated automatically, when the tilter is tilted and lowered.

Various variants:

The side plates can be solved by various variants of their opening, e. g. longitudinal divided opening, opening divided by the central column, etc.


They are made of high-quality materials and equipped with the high-quality hydraulic system.


It is possible to choose material - steel, aluminium, HARDOX, DOMEX, VELDOX.

Any vehicle:

It is possible to mount them on any utility vehicle with the corresponding useful load, e. g. Mercedes, Man, LIAZ, Volvo, Scania, Daf, Star, Renault, Iveco, etc.

Safty construction:

The platform is located through two cross pieces in the revolving way to the vehicle chassis using the method described by the chassis manufacturer, it is locked against its spontaneous loosening from the cross pieces by locking pins and the platform is equipped with a safety support.

Range Class:

One-sided (S14 - 30m3
Double-sided (S2))4 - 30m3
Three-sided (S3)4 - 30m3


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