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Any type of repair of moddification:

  • Repair services:

    - We offer repairs of all types of extansions

    - Provádíme opravy všech typů nástaveb

    - Supply of new extansionsDodání nových nádstaveb

    - Floor thintining zpevňování podlah

    - Antislperry floor threatment

    - Higer side plates

    - Frames of extensions can by de-Rusted, rusted parts are changed, welding in safty athmosphere CO2 then everything threated with anti-Rust sloution.

    - Side and front plates can be supplied in any variation including AL.

    - Painting, special treated colors, surface threating, anti-Rust threatment for vehicle cabin, including reduction of noise in cabin

modification of utility vehicles

WE OFFER AND PERFORM: Major overhauls of vehicles LIAZ, TATRA, AVIA, in the time period within max. 50 days from the day of providing, or at some trade marks according to the agreement immediately - by exchange. Warranty by CSAO KM - 12 + 2 months Usual repairs and repairs of your crashed vehicles (valid for all trade marks) in short terms, at serious accidents within 30 days. Warranty by CSAO KM - 7 - 14 months General repairs of the main groups and other groups of utility vehicles ŠKODA LIAZ in short delivery times with the own distribution, or by exchange.


Phone: +420 573 340 324
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Bílanská 2595
767 01 Kroměříž,
Česká Republika