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Granted warranty for Tilting transporters

  • Hydraulic parts:

    12 months for hydraulic parts.
  • Support elements

    24 months for supporting design elements.
  • Repair service

    Warranty and after-warranty service - within 24 hours


They are made for trasporting any kind of food mixutre in separete rooms.

Tilting transporters:

Possibility to discharge the storage box directly, by the back discharging part.

Worm discharge:

Possibility to discharge the storage box through a hole in the back discharging part, by means of a worm

Higher discharge:

Possibility to discharge the storage box through a dosing device, by means of a worm and a blower, also to places located higher

Any type of vehicle:

It is possible to mount the superstructure on any utility vehicle with the corresponding useful load


The superstructure is made of high-quality materials and equipped with the high-quality hydraulic system and pneumatic system


The own transporter design consists of a platform, of the storage box with the back discharging part, with a worm, with a chain distribution system, with a dosing device and with a blower


The platform is equipped with a safety support

Diagram of funcionality:

The storage box has an upper charging hole covered by an openable cover, which is operated by means of a draw bar. There are glass windows in the side walls and the tilting part with an openable hole in the back part. The worm is located at the floor in the back box part and it is driven by a hydraulic motor over the chain distribution system. The dosing device is located under the platform in the back part, on the right box wall.

2 different mixtures:

Possibility to transport 2 different types of mixtures

Inside partition wall:

The design is equipped with an inside tilting partition wall


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