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Granted warranty for loaders CS.NR

  • Hydraulic parts:

    12 months for hydraulic parts.
  • Support elements

    24 months for supporting design elements.
  • Repair service

    Warranty and after-warranty service - within 24 hours
  • Range Class:

    Arm container loaders CS.NR are solved as chassis superstructures of lorries and they satisfy the highest possible requirements and demands put on the lifting device type in their class and type. They are delivered in these production ranges:

Arm containers loaders

They enable loading, trransport and discharging of waste containers specified for removal of different waste sorts and types or any other matarials.

Arm loaders:

They enable loading, transport, discharging and unloading of van containers specified for removal of different waste sorts and types.

Other device:

They are able to transport other device types, as e. g. mobile waste presses or transport storage tanks, if these are adapted for the manipulation method of the arm loader.

Any vehicle:

It is possible to mount them on any utility vehicle with the corresponding useful load, e. g. Mercedes, Man, Škoda LIAZ, Volvo, Scania, Daf, Star, Renault, Iveco, etc.


They are made of high-quality materials, welded under protective atmosphere and equipped with the high-quality hydraulic system.

Reduce working time:

They are equipped with an accelerator of main arms to reduce working time.

Easy manipulation:

They are equipped with telescopic arms, operated at the same time or independently each arm to enable easy manipulation.


They are equipped with telescopic supports with a fixed lower part or a tilting lower part to enable good stability.

Grap the container:

They can be equipped with one hook or two hooks to grap the container at its unloading.


They can be equipped with reducing jaws for suspension chains .

Range Class:

TypeLoading capacityLoading capacity with extensionExtension length
CS.NR 4 (V)4 000 kg- kg- mm
CS.NR 6 (V)6 000 kg3 500 kg1000 mm
CS.NR 8 (V)8 000 kg4 200 kg1000 mm
CS.NR 10 (V)10 000 kg6 400 kg1200 mm
CS.NR 12 (V)12 000 kg7 600 kg1200 mm
CS.NR 16 (V)16 000 kg12 100 kg16000 mm


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